Phillips County Motor Sports meeting, October 28, 2010, Thursday, Stretch’s Pizza, 7 p.m.
Present: Dan Stout, Rick Starkey, Dennis Bebee, Jim Sandsness, Chris Carnahan, Sharon Kindle, Bill Foster and son, Denny Overcast, Gary Mathwich, Dylan Bergos.
In the absence of President Kirkwood, Vice-president John Carnahan presided over the meeting and called it to order at 7 p.m.
Sharon Kindle moved to approve the September minutes as written with a second by Dennis Bebee; motion passed.
Jim Sandsness, treasurer gave the report.
Sharon Kindle moved to accept the treasurer’s report, approve all bills paid and those to be paid with a second by Dan Stout and motion passed.
Old business:
Denny Overcast reported on Marc Hinton’s fire training classes and exercises. Intensive 4 hours of bookwork then burning 2 cars at the city shop after stuffing them full of straw bales and soaking with diesel. Our track workers are responsible for assisting with fires and clearing the track immediately for the next round. The track will purchase Fire-aid to place on 4-wheelers for the next season. [note: go on to see what this is]. Five PCMS members took part and seven firemen and two EMTs.
The track is winterized for the season.
Remember, send any updates or changes to our webmaster while he is hunting. If your bio isn’t done for the website or needs updating, you can do so now.
New business:
Tom Miller has sealed the cracks in the cement at the dragstrip.
Logan Kent had agreed to work on the map for the website showing the parking spaces, restrooms, exits, etc. This might also be something Dylan Bergos could do and it was suggested the map be placed on the back of the rules.
Chris & John Carnahan and Dylan Bergos spoke on the race in Richmond Virginia area. Chris did very well and enjoyed the experience and challenge.
Senior class sent the customary letter asking for donations of some kind for the annual graduation party. PCMS is not a service organization and does not contribute. The Cross Country 4-H club inquired about prices, which race would be best to attend and if there were special rates for a group. The secretary will take care of each correspondence.
Fam tour at the track, Thursday, arranged thru the Dinosaur Field Station Museum went very well with track manager Carnahan leading the discussion with the how’s and why’s. Questions were asked about the economics and it was stated a conservative estimate for 2008 was $1.2 million into the economy of the area. The group of journalists write for magazines and papers and also have websites, radio and TV programs.
Dan Stout moved to close the bank accounts at First Security and Independence with a second by Dennis Bebee and motion passed.
There being no further business to come before the board, Dennis Bebee moved to adjourn at 8 p.m. with a second by Denny Overcast and motion passed.

Sharon Kindle, secretary