Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc. meeting, Thursday, September 23, 2010 at Stretch’s Pizza, 7 p.m
The meeting was called to order by President Kirkwood at 7 p.m. with Don Snell, John Carnahan, Dick Cotton, Dan Olson, Shane Carnahan, Sharon Kindle, Doyle Grant, Darrell Kovach, Mike Nissen, Frank Baldick, Dennis Bebee, Dan Stout, Jamie Ulrich, and Jim Sandness present.
John Carnahan moved to approve the minutes of the August meeting with a second by Don Snell and motion passed.
Treasurer Jim Sandness gave the report. Dan Stout moved to approve the report and pay outstanding bills with a second by Don Snell and motion passed. Note: the timing system/trailer sales total is: $24,147.70.
Old Business:
Phil Gingerich’s visit was to see if a Division 6 could be established in the NW U.S. Carnahans will go to Medicine Lake Oct. 28 for a meeting on this. Drivers have the option to join the Summit Super Series for the points race and must run in all four races to be entered in the finals back east. Chris Carnahan is to go to Virginia in October. Our track can handle a divisional junior race with around 2-300 juniors. 
Fire Training by Marc Hinton is October 2 beginning at 8 a.m. at the Fire Hall with 4 hours ‘book learning’, lunch provided by PCMS, and then to the County Shop where they will burn a car, use the jaws of life, cut seat belts. etc for further training of about 3+ hrs. For those wishing to be part of it, PCMS will pay your $25 registration fee and let Kirkwood know ASAP.
New Business:
Winterize track: this will be Saturday, September 25 beginning at 10 a.m. Cap lines, move tables, take down signs; sometime the cracks need blown out and caulked. 
John Carnahan moved to give Bill and Darl Crowder a $60 GN gift certificate for the use of the tractor. Dennis Bebee seconded and motion passed.
Grant and Kovach have the water trucks winterized and are stored at Grants.
Dennis Bebee moved to purchase 2 front tires at $91 each for Carnahan’s tractor with a second by Don Snell and motion passed. In the future PCMS needs to consider replacing Carnahan’s mower. 
Kirkwood announced the October 21 meeting would be the last one of 2010. Meetings will begin in January and the February meeting is the “western” meeting, March, the corporate in Malta; April, the “eastern” one. The out of town meetings will begin around noon on Saturday s. 
There was discussion on the placement of the third set of wooden toilets on the northwest end. Also, figure a better parking arrangement for that end. Logan Kent has offered to do a map, which could be placed on the website, and for handouts showing the parking, bathrooms, roads, concessions, etc. for 2011. 
In October we will work on a plan for a better signage for the race sandwich board on Hwy 2.
There being no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.
Sharon Kindle, secretary