Regular board meeting, Thursday, August 19, 7 p.m., Stretch’s Pizza
President Kirkwood called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. with Brent, Mary, and Jamie Waters, Kylie and Rick Starkey, Denny Overcast, John Carnahan, Tom Neibur, and Sharon Kindle present.
John Carnahan moved to approve minutes from the June meeting with a second by Brent Waters and motion approved.
In the absence of Treasurer Jim Sandsness, a brief report was given by members.
John Carnahan moved to pay the paid outstanding bills to date with a second by Denny Overcast and motion approved. 
Old business:
Correct “Metcalf” to “Thompson”: explanation for this: Tanner Thompson has been disruptive on the pit side and shows lack of respect and therefore is banned from the Hi-Line Drag strip. Letters were delivered to the sheriff and probation officer informing them of our decision.
Submit change suggestions for website ASAP to Mark as he has an elk permit and can work on the website in the evenings this fall at camp.
Fire training will be Saturday October 2 with 4 hr. of bookwork and 6 hrs. of cutting, burning and fire extinguisher training. The latter will be at the county shop. The fire department will pay the expenses of their volunteers and PCMS will have around 5 take part. PCMS is responsible for lodging and air fair from N.C.
To date, there has been no payment from Stough for scoreboard and if none shortly, his sign will be taken down. 
Previously, Jamie Waters had moved to give Perry Dolphay a lifetime membership if he did our pumping for free. So far, he has charged $200 for the 4 races and informed Carnahan he wasn’t going to charge PCMS in the future. So, the motion was revisited and moved by Waters and seconded by Rick Starkey and motion passed. 
New Business:
Turn bus into concession booth? This idea was nixed as then PCMS would come under state inspection and this is not feasible. 
Remodel white hut for selling items? Or find something larger? This is put on hold for now.
Obtain signage’s for hi-way signs and safety wall: we have A Fine Line Auto Body, Malta Dairy Queen Restaurant, First State Bank and Gibbs Welding. This a $350 per yr for a 2’x5’ sign and 2 spaces are left. The boards and metal should be done this week and hopefully, the signs will be done prior to Labor Day. Carnahan stated the Hi-Line Drag strip sign should be up also prior to the next race.
Any interest in a local only Fri evening race prior to an event? No interest as it would be too expensive and would need workers.
Phil Gingerich will be here for Labor Day from Fri. evening and leave on Mon. He will visit other tracks in Mt and Canada to see if there is enough interest to form a Division 6. Gingerrich has received permission from IHRA and funding for this endeavor an If this is formed, PCMS may be hosting a youth race weekend featuring 200-300 cars in 2-3 yrs.
More workers for the 3 day event: Everyone is asked to step forward for this big weekend and let Carnahan and Kindle know if you are willing to work. 
Bids for dinner and bar are let: this was necessary as an inquiry was made about serving the meals and doing the bar. Bids are due Aug. 16.
Get group to clean city hall Malta Trails, Laura Pankratz, has expressed interest in this task.
Tickets ready for dinner as soon as bids are returned and the rifle raffle confirmed.
Carnahan would like to paint areas of the track prior to Gingerich coming and will let us know when to show up with rollers to do the job. It will begin with sweeping and then painting.
There being no other business to come before the board, the meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.
Sharon Kindle, secretary