Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc. regular meeting, 
Thursday, June 17, 2010, Stretch’s, 7:00 p.m.

Present: John & Kari Carnahan, Kaden Bergos, Don, Phillip & Lola Snell, Greg Kirkwood, Tom Neibur, Jamie Ulrich, Dan Stout, Dan & Brad Olson, Jarrell Schock, Neil Stahl, Darrell Kovach, Dennis Bebee, Doyle Grant, Sharon Kindle.

Meeting was called to order by President Greg Kirkwood.

Dennis Bebee moved to approve the minutes from April meeting in Glasgow with a second by Dan Stout and motion passed.

Treasurer’s report was given by John Carnahan. 
Dan Stout moved to approve the treasurer’s report and the bills with a second by Don Snell and motion passed. A new statement was brought forward for $78.15 to Big Flat Electric.

Old business: The meeting was turned over to John Carnahan for complete details.

  • Hot ticket Cold cast fundraiser is on going and if additional tickets and all tickets are handed out and due in prior to Sunday race June 27. 

  • 2010 Super Summit Series dues of $50.00 by 6/1/10, this entitles you to membership. Contact Steve Neiffer at 265-7703 for more information.

  • Chassis certification : Carnahan stated there may be a person in Malta July 16. Inspections fees: IHRA-$75; NHRA-$150.

  • A county truck was purchased and is equipped for the track per certification as noted by Jon O’Neal, District Director. Training for persons will be done in Malta. This will be done on July 16, Friday. Grateful thanks go to Doyle Grant and Darrell Kovach for their work on both trucks purchased by the county.

  • Fundraiser for timing system-Neil Stahl and Dave Olson. The $50 tickets are available from Stahl:; or Dave Olson: This is for 3 different types of trailers of your choice.

  • The special fund at First State Bank for timing system’s P O # is 910, Malta, 59538 and mark “timing System” in the memo line.

New Business:
Wells Fargo track requirements:

  • Add fencing or post “KEEP OUT FROM UNDER GRANDSTANDS” signs on back of grandstands. PCMS will also fence grandstands

  • Raise back rails on smaller 5 row grandstands [people will stand on top row & fall over].

  • Fence side rails of large grandstands; extend railing.

  • Add another strand of Armco to barrier in staging lanes.
    Compliance date: July 15, 2010 and photos need to be sent for all corrections.

  • Future recommendations: Install lighting for overnight camping area if none present now.

John Carnahan announced he would attend the Ambulance board meeting next week as they are wanting to work a better financial deal with PCMS.
Issues PCMS has to work through on the track.

  • Under tower: the only persons who should be in the bottom of the tower are the person entering the data and the person handing out time slips. No one else, drivers included, will be allowed in the tower. Need an adult to hand out the time slips. Help us find a volunteer for this.

  • Will have “walking” security at the track not officers who just drive thru.

  • West gates at track: not able to close the gates as there are businesses on the northwest end. Greg Kirkwood will monitor the west gates during all races.

  • Tower: No key, no entrance. The tower door will be locked at all times and if you are not in possession of a key, you do not have entrance. Signs will be posted. 

  • Track problems, issues will be handled by John Carnahan. However, we are all responsible for safety at the track. Monitor speed and inform anyone speeding or driving w/o a license, it is not allowed with IHRA insurance.

  • Tech cards: drivers will fill out a tech card the first day; second day, he will sign the back, place the number on the top right hand side, and have a tech sign it, pay, unless paid for 2 days. All cards will be taken to the pit gate for the second day of racing and handed back after payment is received. Colored stickers will be used with pink always being for Sunday.

  • Secure area east of tower to latrines: panels will be used to keep spectators off the track; a walkway in the grass will allow them to walk east to the end of the pit. Another walkway will be established just east of the burnout area using panels and marking paint to direct the people across the track. A person will inform them when passage is safe. [a volunteer is needed for this job]

PCMS is in need of a second announcer as our current one, Dan Waters, is concerned if his voice will hold up for the two day races and especially for our three day race in September. 

PCMS will keep the FaceBook and forum updated by Amanda Starkey, [a huge thank you to Amanda] as to the number of cars at each race, winners, pictures and what we have done to the track for updates and improvements. 
Rick Starkey will visit with Mark V. on emailing data to Amanda with numbers and facts for the forum and FaceBook.

John Carnahan and Jerry Flom are constructing the sign for US 191 by the canal bridge. Hitchin’ Post will have the south side of the sign. Each side is $3000 per year with a 5 yr contract. 

Remember, the success of PCMS’s Hi-Line Drag strip is based on safety and adequate informed volunteers. In other words, we police ourselves and set an example and recruit volunteers. 

Rick Starkey stated Northwest Energy would charge $8900 to come from Northern Ag to the center [between the tower and scoreboards].

John Carnahan has visited with the timing system people and the person would like to install the system himself when we are able to purchase the unit. 

Neil Stahl’s will be providing a BBQ Saturday, June 26, for the drivers and families, and workers. Flyers will be given at the pit gate. 

There being no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m.

Sharon Kindle, secretary