Regular board meeting for PCMS, 
April 24, 2010, Elks Club, Glasgow MT

President Kirkwood called the meeting to order at 4 p.m. with an estimated 30 people in attendance.

Dan Olson moved to accept the February minutes as written with a second by Don Snell and motion passed.

The treasurer’s report was accepted as given by President Kirkwood. Bills were presented and approved to pay.

Old business::
"To Do" list for track

  • Hot ticket Cold cast fundraiser is on going and if additional tickets are needed contact Sharon Kindle at 654-1702.

  • 2010 Super Summit Series-dues of $50.00 by 6/1/10, this entitles you to membership. Contact Steve Neiffer at 265-7703 for more information.

  • Chassis certification : Carnahan stated Dan Schaffel [sp?] would be in Malta on Sunday and he would know more on the subject. Inspections fees: IHRA-$75; NHRA-$150.

  • A county truck was purchased and will be equipped for the track per certification as noted by Jon O’Neal, District Director. Two people will be trained in Salt Lake City by IHRA.

  • Fundraiser for timing system-Neil Stahl and Dave Olson: $2000 was given and another $1000+ pledged. The $50 tickets are available from Stahl: ; or Dave Olson:  . This is for 3 different types of trailers of your choice.

  • The special fund at First State Bank for timing system’s P O # is 190, Malta, 59538 and mark “timing System” in the memo line. 

New business:

  • 2010 Scholarship recipients: Dakota Hurly, Fairview; Taylor Kittleson, Fairview; Tim Henderson, Medicine Lake; Kurt DePuydt, Saco.

  • Set up work days/weekends for track will be posted on Facebook and via email notification.

  • Carnahan stated the discs have been placed for the reserved parking spaces with the numbers placed on top more clearly identifying the spots. 

  • The wooden bathrooms are being placed at the Quonset, east end of pit area, pit area, and the handicap on the spectator side. Carnahan has secured Perry Dolphay to pump for $25 per unit which includes pumping and disinfecting.

  • Bill Foster has taken his test for “tech” at the track.

*Starkey is in charge of procuring information on proper attire for drivers for each type of vehicle driven and information will be posted on the website. This changes in 2010 and Starkey will update information at that time. He will check the new guidebook and see what changes, if any are needed. NOTE: for all drivers, the code is in the 2010 IHRA handbook so please read on line or secure a book; PCMS has 3 left at $10. Call 654-1132.
*Jason Ulrich volunteered to assemble a crew to finish the storage shed. 
* Gary Faydo has constructed set of steps for the middle of the large bleachers. Handrails will be placed to meet IHRA guidelines
* Carnahan stated the large sign for the entrance at the track area off HWY 191 will be ready for 2010 and 2 sponsors are needed at $3000 per year for per sides. Note: The chamber sign east of Malta is still there as the replacement one is not completed. That sign will be taken down and donated to PCMS for whatever use we have.
*Boards will be used to secure vinyl signs and they will be placed from the east end of the pit side fence to the toilets.
*A Fine Line Auto Body will have their logo on the spectator side of the “V” where Carnahan stands on the track. The Pit side is open for another business to sponsor a 15’x3’ sign at $500 per year. NOTE: The “V” was constructed with 3’ sides to meet IHRA guidelines. 
*The Shriners dismantled the wire fence at the beer garden and cemented steel posts with chain link fence; the woven wire fence will be placed around the large bleacher set to meet IHRA guidelines. 
*Wells Fargo sent a representative from Havre to go over the track as per insurance guideline and to take pictures. 
The meeting was adjourned and moved to the 4th Street Machine Shop to view the “dyno demonstration” on Wendy Miller’s motor. The final stop was at Neil and Anne Stahl’s shop for pizza and refreshments.
Sharon Kindle, secretary