Corporate meeting minutes, Saturday, March 27, 2010, Stretch’s Pizza, Malta

President Kirkwood called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. at the above place and date.
Two additions to the minutes were moved by Sharon Kindle and seconded by Dylan Bergos. Motion: I move to strike under ARTICLES VI, page 5, entitled OFFICERS under OFFICER ELECTION #1 where the Board of Directors shall elect the officers of the corporation, etc. and further move to insert: The general body of membership shall elect the officers of the corporation during the corporate meeting. Seconded by John Carnahan and motion passed.
Brent Waters moved the minutes from corporate meeting in March of 2009 be approved as written with a second by Denny Overcast and motion passed.
The treasurer’s report was read and Sharon Kindle moved to accept the report with a second by Don Snell and motion passed.
Dan Olson moved to pay the bills with a second by Don Snell and motion passed.
Old business-none at this time
New business:
President’s report to the members on accomplishments of the 2009 season
* Hosted meeting with Sherry Barbour, IHRA
* Hosted EMT meeting with Malta Firemen on safety at the track
* Ribbon cutting ceremony June 7,2009 with Phil Gingerich, IHRA
* Poured 640 feet of concrete
* Hosted 5 successful race events
* Hosted 99 vehicles on Sunday of the Big Dollar Race
* Purchased additional bathroom units
* Purchased chain link fencing
* Steps on large set of bleachers
* Moved storage shed and began renovations
* Moved speakers to the extreme north side of track
* Held our first state points race
* First Iron Man race
* First diesel race
* $15,800 in payouts
* $1500 for scholarships
* 32 reserve parking spots
* Two outreach meetings
* Laid more asphalt
* Began radio trivia for free entry to spectator and pit side, and burgers
* Posted parking signs
* Booth at Harlem Seed Show
* Starkey and Nieffer set up a Facebook for PCMS and it is well received
* Secured advertising for second scoreboard
* Negotiated a successful 5 yr lease with Phillco
* Will begin installing power from Adams’ Quonset to the tower
Election of directors
Dyrdahl, Carnahan, Bebee
Dyrdahl’s letter of resignation was read and Sharon Kindle moved to accept it with a second by Dennis Bebee and motion passed. 
Nominations for director for a 3 yr term were called with Doyle Grant and Dave Olson being nominated however Dave Olson declined. Brent Waters called for a unanimous vote with a second by Dan Stout and motion passed. 
President Kirkwood called for the nomination committee’s slate of officers and was reported as the following: Kirkwood-President; John Carnahan-V.P; Jim Sandsness-Treasurer; and Sharon Kindle-Secretary. Nominations were then called for from the floor and hearing none, Brent Waters called for a unanimous vote with a second by Dan Olson and motion passed.
Presentation of trophies for 2009 season sponsored by Kirkwood Funeral Home were made to Steve Neiffer and Aaron Niederegger [can be seen on Facebook and PCMS site] with Dan Gard‘s being presented at a later date.
John Carnahan explained the Hot Ticket Cold Cash fundraiser with 500 tickets selling for $10 each with $1500/$750 as cash prizes with the drawing to be held June 6. Call for tickets if you wish to buy or sell them. 
The Timing System fundraiser was explained by Neil Stahl & Dave Olson. Tickets are $50 or a book for $450 and will be sold until gone. 660 tickets were printed as that is the length of the 1/8 mile track. Prize will be choice of an enclosed trailer, goose neck or horse trailer from Eddie Bauer. Posters and tickets are available from Stahl and Olson. Aaron Niederegger informed the group Helena Trailer will come on board for 2011 with the same deal, he wishes to have his name on the back of trailer of choice as advertisement. There is a special savings account set up at First State Bank for this; simply mark your check “Timing System”. First State Bank, P O Box 910, Malta MT 59538, attn Jim Sandsness, Treas. PCMS.

Several are contributing $1000 however, any denomination will be taken. A sign will be erected, when timing system is completed, with all names of donors. The first scheduled work day at the track will be Sat. April 10, however, Track Manager Carnahan said to contact him at 654-1477 to let him know when you can work, even weekdays.
Carnahan said PCMS has 2 trucks with 320 gal. tanks and will be equipped for fire protection use. Carnahan, Neil Stahls, and Dan Olson attended the MDA convention in Billings and Hi-Line Drag strip will host the first 
State Points Race June 26 & 27. Carnahan also explained the large sign which will be by Hwy 191 and two sponsors at $3000 each per year are being sought. 
Glasgow is hosting the next regular PCMS meeting Sat. April 24 w/TBA.
Discussions were held on the First State Bank Car Show June 5, PCMS Poker Run, “hand drop” race at the track and the race on Sun, June 6. Details will come at a later date. 
There being no further business to come before the board, the annual corporate meeting was adjourned.
Division 5 District director Jon O’Neal, IHRA, praised the management, camaraderie, and general friendliness of Hi-Line Drag strip as being an integral part of the success of the track. O’Neal fielded questions from the group.
Sharon Kindle, secretary