Phillips County Motor Sports, Inc. 

Thursday, February 18, 2010 regular meeting
Havre MT at Pizza Pro.

Present were: Greg Kirkwood, John Carnahan, Sharon Kindle, Don Snell, Shaun Carnahan, Denny Overcast, Steve Neiffer, Scott & Bobbie Jo Wilkins, Dan Stout, Frank Baldik, Dan Nissen, Stacey Klungland, Mike Nissen, Craig Otterstrom, Steve Purkett, Garret Neiffer, Aaron Niederegger, Gary Mathwich, Morgan Klongworth, Don Wilkins, Jess Bandel, Dan Olson, Brad Olson, Dave Olson, Dylan & Shyla Bergos, and Neil Stahl.

President Kirkwood called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. 
Don Snell moved to accept the January minutes, with a second by Denny Overcast and motion passed.
There was not a treasurer’s report.
Denny Overcast moved to approve the $15 payment to M/C for stamps, second by Don Snell and motion passed.

Old business:
“To Do List”
[note: these items are taken from 2009 minutes and are placed here as reminders]
*Starkey is in charge of procuring information on proper attire for drivers for each type of vehicle driven and information will be posted on the website. This changes in 2010 and Starkey will update information at that time. PCMS has several 2010 IHRA books available for $10 each.
*John Carnahan is working with Dolphay to secure pumping for 2010 and if so he will do at no charge. Dolphay will pump the latrines for us for a nominal fee TBA.
*Track Manager stated Slade was working with PCMS to get 7 more panels are needed for the track so both ends could be secured for the off-season and between races. Panels will be procured after the snow melts.
*The metal is at the track to complete storage shed [roof and sides] and Bill Rock donated a 8’ W x 7’ H door and a spring will need to be purchased. Please respond when Track Manager Carnahan calls a workday[s].
*It is hoped Gary Faydo will construct another set of steps for the middle of the large bleachers. Iron will be taken from the bleachers donated to PCMS by the city for handrails, perhaps the seats can be used for the steps on blue bleacher set. Bleachers will be fenced with the former beer garden wire, with an access gate. Note: On the shade issue: we have the granary floor donated by Northern Ag and there are sections that could be used as shade [not vulnerable to wind?, with maybe the poles from the donated chamber sign.
* Carnahan stated the large sign for the entrance at the track area off HWY 191 will be ready for 2010 and 2 sponsors are needed at $3000 [per year, or 5 yr contracts same as for the scoreboards] for both sides, or $4000 for one year. Note: The chamber sign east of Malta is still there as the replacement one is not completed. That sign will be taken down and donated to PCMS for whatever use we have. Lumber will be used for vinyl sign display east of the timing tower.
*Jim Sandsness and John Carnahan will negotiate the lease in Jan/Feb with Phillco. Phillco would like a 5 yr lease. 
*Kirkwood will work to have our webmaster place upcoming and recent events on home page of website and some members will get information to him for the points winners with the cars.
*Move one of Dan Olson’s concrete signs from spectator side to pit side prior to 2010 race season.
*Erect wooden toilets Kirkwood and Carnahan are still owed money ($500 +)for the toilets and chain link fence. If anyone has the time/desire to work on this project or the storage shed, contact Carnahan and he will give some directives on the project.
* IHRA driver registration of $50 due by June 1.
*Millers plan in conjunction with Barbour’s IHRA? On hold.
* Start Hot Ticket-Cold Cash drawing in Feb, some tickets were distributed at Havre.

New Businees:
~PCMS annual corporate meeting is March 27, 2010, Stretch’s with social hour beginning at 5 p.m. and dinner at 6. IHRA Jon O’Neal, Iowa, speaker.
~Instead of a cruise after the car show, Carnahan announced we would have time trials at the track. Shyla Bergos is in charge of the Poker Run on Saturday evening. Dylan Bergos is constructing the poster with all information. 
~All members must be current with dues in order to vote.
~Directors up for re-election are Carnahan, Bebee, and Dyrdahl
~Harlem Seed show is March 12-13 with Denny Overcast as chair. He would like to see some cars for the Saturday car show. 
~PCMS has sent information to a track near Kennewick WA as they are trying to start up a drag strip. 
~Remember your lot fees of $150 each to be paid by April 15.
~Talk of constructing a kiosk at the pit side with information listed for parts stores, eateries, etc. 
~IHRA needs a complete list of drivers after our June event. Get the info into Steve Neiffer. He is also in charge of the Summit Series.
~Trophies will be presented at the annual meeting to Aaron Niederegger, Steve Neiffer, and Dan Gard.
~In depth discussion on PCMS creating a fund to purchase a timing system; several are willing to put $1,000 each into the fund. Aaron Neideregger is in charge of researching the possibility of having the choice of a horse trailer/camper, camper, or enclosed car hauler and selling chances at $50 each. 
~Another idea tossed out was for Steve Neiffer and Rick Starkey to launch a facebook page for PCMS. One driver posted race dates on her site for 2009.
~Carnahan stated he is in contact with G & J Diesel in Billings about the diesel race and hopes to book it for the Labor Day weekend. 
~On chassis certification, it can be done through NHRA and IHRA will accept it. Dave Shaffel [?], will be in Billings during the MDA the weekend of 26 & 27, otherwise it’s Salt Lake City.
~Denny Overcast hopes to have it so you are inspected once for the season and good thru September. [forms are in the bottom of timing tower.]
~PCMS is looking to purchase the county’s used fire trucks for use at the track. 
~There being no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m. and several went to Steve Neiffer’s shop.
~Next meeting is March 27, Malta, at Stretch’s and the April meeting will be in Glasgow with place TBA.

Sharon Kindle, secretary