Dave Morgan’s Chassis-Tuning Seminar is coming to Malta on April 9-10!
       Drag racing veterans will recognize Dave Morgan’s name. He wrote Doorslammer’s the Chassisbook, which has helped tens-of-thousands of drag racers solve their suspension problems. Morgan recently gave a seminar/workshop in Medicine Hat, an event that Rick Starkly attended. He said, “Man, while I was driving home I thought about how great it would be to have Dave come here. I called him the next day and as it turns out, he was in the middle of planning his US tour. We agreed on a date then and there; April 9 for the seminar and April 10 for the workshop.
       “I’ve been looking very forward to coming to Malta,” Morgan said. “During the racing season, I manage the dragstrip in Minot and have gotten nothing but glowing reports about this track and the community. These folks really have a tremendous environment to race in. I expect the seminar will reflect the attitudes of the community.”
       The first day is a lecture-type seminar. Count on it being intense and long. “I promise to run you over with information,” Morgan stated. “Get plenty of rest the night before, you’ll need it.
       The second day is a workshop where racers can bring their car, or team-upn someone else’s car. The exercises covered on Saturday will be put into practical application on Sunday.
       A complete course outline can be found at Dave’s website www.davemorganseminars.com. You can also register online or by calling Dave at 567/242-9779.