CCR/PCMS Nationals

June 6-7, 2014 Malta Montana


1) Heads up, Pro tree racing.

2) Chicago style racing; 

  • 1 pass Saturday after car show  at whatever time is good for the track.
  • Sunday 1 more Qualifying  (  only a suggestion maybe 11:00 ??)
  • The fastest two, regardless of frame, body, block size, or engine position will race around 3pm.
    • If the fastest two are a long car and a short car, the short car will be handicapped by 0.100 second.

3) OPEN EVENT: long or short frame, body or no body, front or rear engine.

4) PAY OUT: 5000/(car count + 1) = Pay out. 60% of payout goes to the winner 40% to the runner-up.