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Next race weekend

August 30th - Time Trials 10am-12pm, Racing starts at 1PM

August 31st -  Time Trials 10am-12pm, Racing starts at 1PM

September 1st Iron Man Race Time Trials 9:30am-12pm, Racing starts at 1PM


We are in need of a water truck driver for each day of the above races. Have been waiting to hear from some that thought could help but haven't heard.
It is important the roads be kept damp to control the dust.
Is anyone out there able to assist even one day?
Please email me at or call 654-4283 and let me know ASAP.

 2014 Race Schedule Poster



It’s official!

The IHRA main office has just confirmed the Summit Super Series Points representatives from Hi-Line Dragstrip.

Representing the Box/Super Pro class will be Neil Stahl from Glasgow. The No Box/Pro class will be Dylan Bergos, from Malta. The Jr Dragster competitor will be Blake Lloyd from Glasgow.

Each of these racers will compete in Edmonton at Castrol Raceway on August 15 for the title of the Division 6 Summit Super Series champion. The winners in each class will advance to the World Finals to be held in October in Memphis, Tennessee where they will compete for their share of over $250000 in prizes and cash and the title of “World Champion”.


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IHRA Division 6 Border Bandits
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CCR/PCMS Nationals
Sponsored by:
 Custom Collision Repair of Havre, MT
Phillis County Motor Sports.
CCR PCMS Nationals
Jeff Nelson out of Wolf Point 1st place
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New Track Record;
Jeff Nelson

329G 4.2003 ET 6/8/2014


Saturday 7/19/2014 Race



1ST-R Lander

2ND-G Lloyd  

1ST-Mandi Turner

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2ND - B Wilkins  

1ST-Randy Koop

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2ND- D Cromwell  

1ST - Jesse Dobson, Scoby, MT

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2ND - G Stoppel  


Sunday 7/20/2014 Race



1ST-Blake Lloyd, Sidney, MT

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2ND- R Lander  

1ST-Ralph Michel, Joliet MT

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2ND- N Cebulski  

1ST-Ron Stahl, Glasgow, MT

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2ND-D Burgos  

1ST-Gary Stopple, Billings, MT

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2ND-G Makay  




High Line Drag Strip Rules
2012 MDRA Rules
Photos by: Greg Smith of Feigel Photo

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